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Course Information

Masterclass Weekend

A 3-day Masterclass designed to elevate your skills and knowledge in aesthetic medicine. The comprehensive curriculum will focus on proper full-face assessment and treatment using neurotoxins, fillers and biostimulators with an emphasis on patient experience and outcomes. Training will involve lecture-based learning, demonstration, hands-on experience.

Through the 3 days, Dr. Hsu will share his expertise on facial anatomy as it relates to safe and effective aesthetic procedures. Topics covered include beauty ideals and adjustments with various ethnicities, product selection, complication management and methods for adapting your fee structure.

There will be comprehensive coverage in an off-label environment with unfiltered dialogue on both the latest techniques and those that has been developed by Dr. Hsu himself. 

Additional income-generating topics will be covered such as adapting your fee structure, social media, the business of operating an aesthetics practice as well as an in-depth dive on Dr. Hsu’s dermal restoration methods used to treat certain commonly seen skin conditions. 


A highly worthwhile experience where you get first-hand experience from patient consultation to treatment, but also running an aesthetic dermatology office. Shadow days with Dr. Hsu take place at one of his private clinic locations in Illinois. These are full and fast-paced days with real patient interactions. Witness the know-hows behind proprietary procedures and treatments. Lunch is provided with lectures/presentations at each day’s lunch. 

Preceptorship is a semi-private small group setting with no more than 2 students. Application for preceptorship is on a rolling basis, every 2 months. CME credits cannot be offered for preceptorships. 

Specialty Training Days

Comprise of single-day training, small group setting classes with Dr. Hsu, who will focus on specific areas or techniques. This is offered for injectables, threads, lasers, sclerotherapy, skincare in dermatology or any of Dr. Hsu’s proprietary methods and procedures. 

Advanced Level Injection Provider Training

The course is designed for experienced practitioners who wish to build on their existing knowledge and expertise. During this course, all areas of the face are explored in detail, bringing together the latest evidence and most advanced techniques. The anatomy and complications module will focus on injection anatomy, ultrasound, and complications management. Each session will delve into the intricacies of anatomy, accurate assessment, and treatment options whilst utilizing the strongest evidence and latest technology

Advanced Level Aesthetics Provider Training

This course is specifically designed for experienced practitioners seeking to enhance their expertise and knowledge in delivering optimal results in aesthetic treatments. The curriculum centers around best practices, emphasizing the use of combined modality treatment methods, such as injectables with lasers or multiple laser modalities. Dr. Hsu, a renowned expert in the field, will provide detailed protocols on his proprietary treatments, which have gained international recognition among top-tier cosmetic providers. By participating in this course, attendees will gain valuable insights and techniques to elevate their treatment outcomes to the highest standard.

Private Training 

Our comprehensive private training program offers flexible options to suit your specific requirements. Conducted either at our state-of-the-art Chicago dermatology clinic or at your own clinic for multiple providers, the training sessions can be tailored to meet your individual needs. These intensive training days are designed to maximize learning opportunities, ensuring that a substantial amount of material is covered within a fast-paced environment. As a result, participants can expect a rich and immersive educational experience. Dr. Hsu only has a limited number of selected dates for private training each year. To secure your preferred training slot, we highly recommend making reservations well in advance. Please contact us for further details, as fees vary based on factors such as location, group size, training subjects, and desired level of training. Note: a travel fee will apply for off-site training.

Courses at The Aesthetic Series are independent curriculum that has been developed for the professional advancement of physicians and aesthetic medical professionals. The Aesthetics Series is not affiliated in any way with any outside organizations. The choice of materials used in each course is selected based on instructor preference and the goal of the course. 


Dive into the world of aesthetics with curated content from industry experts, offering tips, tricks, and insider knowledge.

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