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Pioneered by renowned dermatologist & surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey TS Hsu, we are the nexus where tradition meets innovation in aesthetic medicine. Dive into our comprehensive educational platform, refine your skills, and join a community dedicated to setting industry benchmarks. Witness the future of aesthetics, today.

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Elevating Aesthetic Medicine with
Dr. Jeffrey Hsu

Dr. Hsu's Aesthetic Series stands at the forefront of the medical aesthetics industry, addressing its challenges and raising safety standards. As the industry grapples with varied training quality and regulatory oversight, Dr. Hsu offers a solution through a comprehensive educational platform. Prioritizing evidence-based practices, we focus on enhancing both technique and confidence for practitioners. Join us in reshaping the future of aesthetic medicine and attaining unparalleled expertise.

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This is what We Do

Aesthetic Series offers an evidence-based educational platform for aesthetic medicine enthusiasts. We provide training to enhance practical skills and confidence, set industry benchmarks, and promote a community of shared knowledge. Stay abreast of the latest in medical aesthetics with us.


This dedicated platform ensures all course content is
science-based and taught by aseasoned physician and physician assistant.

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“Create Something that has not existed Before You”

- Dr. Jeffrey TS HSU

This is your Chance
To learn from the best

Our training approach is rooted in evidence-based practices with a strong emphasis on practical skills. Through Aesthetic Series, Dr. Hsu aims to reset industry standards for patient-centered and result-driven education, cutting out the glitz of laser shows, dancing on stage and social media frenzy. The goal of Aesthetic Series is to provide unbiased crucial scientific methods, theories as well as his own proprietary techniques, to enhance patient outcome and elevate a practice and its providers, ultimately leading to long-term patient retention and a successful business.

Transform your practice journey with us.

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Dive into the world of aesthetic medicine with confidence. At The Aesthetic Series, we're here to clear your doubts and guide you through best practices and latest techniques. Trust our team to illuminate your path.

Still have questions?

Do your courses offer hands-on experience?

Depending on the course, some will strictly be lectures and demonstrations, while others may include hands-on experience injection a live model or silicones/skin pads. Please read each course detail carefully.

How can I obtain supplies and/or products used during your class?

Courses at The Aesthetic Series offer CME credits, and so they are planned and implemented independently of commercial organizations. However, in your course material, we may include a list of what is used in your class along with the manufacturer information.

Do you have online courses?

Stay tuned as we are building a one-of-a-kind online educational series platform. If this is something you are interested in, be sure to give us your email here [insert hyperlink] to be informed of our news and updates.

Results speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on the tangible outcomes. Our methods have consistently produced remarkable transformations in the field of aesthetic medicine. The efficacy and quality of our work is evident, and we warmly invite you to explore our gallery. There, you can witness firsthand the transformative results that our training and expertise have achieved. Dive in and see the difference for yourself!

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Dive into the world of aesthetics with curated content from industry experts, offering tips, tricks, and insider knowledge.

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